The Holy Family Parish has a stewardship committee whose primary function is to involve all parishioners in the parish’s mission and assist them in discerning how to be good stewards of the time, talent and treasure God has given them.

Prayer – Prayer centers our focus on the relationship we have with God and others. It opens hearts and minds to reflect love, gratitude and compassion. Alone, or with others, prayer can direct our daily living and work as Christ’s disciples.

Time – We all struggle with balancing the demands on our time – with our family, home, parish, work, school and beyond. Stewardship encourages us to evaluate and dedicate priorities for the use of our time.

Talents/Abilities – God creates each of us with a unique combination of talents, skills and abilities. Discovered, developed and shared use of these gifts demonstrates our love of God and others.

Treasure – As good stewards of our money, we enrich our faith through trust in God, instead of in the possessions of this world.

More details on stewardship an be found here