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Safeguarding Induction for All Church Workers

We invite ALL church workers (volunteers or paid) to attend an online safeguarding induction. A church worker is anyone in the parish in any – paid or voluntary position.  The session will cover the Safeguarding Policies and Procedures, the importance of  Safeguarding in the parish and the role of the Parish Safeguarding Officer.  To register please phone 9221 7762  OR visit:

Safeguarding Induction sessions will be conducted
via ZOOM
with the limit of 25 people per session.
Link to ZOOM meeting will be provided closer to the date.  There are  NEW sessions available until September 2022 :

¨ Thursday, 30 June at 1 pm

¨ Thursday, 21 July at 7 pm

¨ Friday, 29 July at 10 am

¨ Wednesday, 17 August at 7 pm

¨ Thursday, 25 August at 2 pm

¨ Wednesday, 28 September at 10 am