Past Parish Priests

Please remember our faithful serving priests. Their tasks are not easy, and the road they have chosen to follow is one that carries a heavy cross but they have chosen to do so for us and along with us because they have chosen to answer Christ’s calling.

Let us pray for them for they need our strength as much as we need their courage.

1929-35                  Fr John Wallace

1931                       Fr Michael Winston

1936                       Fr John Cullen

1937-38                  Fr Patrick Sheridan

1938-42                  Fr Raphael Pace

1943                       Fr Cornelius Casey

1943-45                  Fr Francis Ryan

1946-47                  Fr Charles Cunningham MBE

1947                       Fr Thomas McCaul

1948-59                  Fr Francis Kearnan DD

1959-62                  Fr John Nolan

1962-69                  Fr Willem Van Baar SVD

1967-73                  Fr Cornelius Van Baar SVD

1970-82                  Fr Dom Cremasco SVD

1979                       Fr Paul Goodland SVD

1982                       Fr Brian Byrne SVD

1983-88                  Fr John Chokolich

1988-92                  Fr Leon Anderson OMI

1988                       Fr John Cranley OMI

2006                       Fr Patrick Lim

2006 – 2011            Fr Paul Raj

2011-2015               Fr Greg Donovan 

2015 – 2023       Fr Antony Suresh

2023 – present Fr Anand Reddy