Parish Ministries

Parish Religious Education Program for Children (P.R.E.P)         
Provides religious education for our parish children in years 1 – 7 NOT attending catholic schools each Wednesday afternoon between 3.30pm and 4.30pm and Saturday 4.15pm – 5.15pm during the school term.

Music Ministry            
Leads our community in singing at all masses. Musicians and singers meet regularly for practice and new members are always welcome.

Mass Greeters                     
Welcomes members of our community to the Sunday liturgy and distributes the bulletin.

Proclaimers and Commentators         
Volunteers from our parish community, proclaimers read the Word of God through the readings. Commentators welcome and open the mass, introduce the readings and explain the readings in a small passage. They also read the Prayers of the Faithful. 

Acolytes serve at the altar and assist the priest and other ministers during mass.

Altar Servers
A special ministry for children aged between 9 and 17. They should have received First Holy Communion. New altar servers are always welcome.

Special Eucharistic Ministers
Are trained with an understanding of the Eucharist, a reverence for the people as the Body of Christ and a willingness to work as a team member.

Responsible for setting up the altar for mass, changing the altar’s drapes and maintaining sacristy stock.

Legion of Mary and Piety Stall
This is a world-wide organisation of catholic men and women who offer their services to their parish priest to aid him in performing spiritual works in the parish. Members of Legion of Mary run the piety stall which helps parishioners buy the religious medals and other articles for cost price. They also visit the sick at the local hospitals and at homes.

San Leone Association
Mass is held on the last Sunday of each month at 11.00am.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word – is currently not running.      

Children’s liturgy would normally be held on Sundays during the 9am Mass. All children are encouraged to attend. The leaders, who are a group of mothers, break open the Word of God for the children. The children are brought into a deeper understanding of what the Gospel is telling us all. They are encouraged to interact and their ideas are discussed.

A format is followed. Children are called up by the Parish Priest to be blessed and then led away by their leader. Once in the Children’s Liturgy Corner, a candle is lit, signifying that Jesus is the light of the world and prayers are said. The Gospel acclamation is read by one of the children and the leader reads the Gospel. It is then discussed and explored. An activity is done which emphasises the message of the Gospel. The Creed is said, bidding prayers are offered and the children and leader rejoin the congregation to celebrate the Eucharist.

Children’s Liturgy welcomes children of all ages. Parents of very young children are encouraged to come along with their children so that they can help them get more out of the experience. Older children are given the opportunity to contribute more and get to grips with the Gospel message.

Church Hospitality
Seeks to involve all parishioners in the parish’s mission and assist them in discerning how to be good stewards of the time, talent and treasure God has given them. Membership is by discernment. For more information on stewardship in our parish, please click on ‘stewardship’ on the menu. 

Vincent de Paul Society
This group strives to deepen the catholic faith of its members by sharing who and what they have with the poor on a person-to-person basis by respecting their dignity, sharing hope and encouraging them to take control of their own destiny.

Arts and Crafts
A social group sharing their passion for all facets of arts and crafts. The group meets every Monday 12.30pm – 3.30pm  

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry – The Youth Group involves young leaders whose aim is to plan, organise and implement a comprehensive and workable program for our parish youth.