Holy Family Church

Kalamunda Catholic Parish

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Parish Committees

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For further information on the following committees, including details for key contacts, please contact the parish office.

Finance Committee
Supports the parish priest in the administration of parish finances and the planned giving scheme. The committee meets every three months.

Parish Rejuvenation Committee
A group of people who can plan and execute church renovation works.

Social Committee
Aim to provide affordable and enjoyable social outings and activities for parishioners and create an environment in which friendships can be built. We welcome ideas for future social events.

Hospitality Team
Provides refreshments after 9.00am Sunday mass and special occasions. If you would like to be placed on the roster, please contact the parish office.

Fundraising Committee
Helps the parish to raise money to pay off debts.
5 cent fundraising: Please take a film canister in the foyer and fill it up with 5 cent coins and return to the church.